LISTEN: Carol Ofori dishes on 'The Wife' - a telenovela on Showmax that is breaking records

LISTEN: Carol Ofori dishes on 'The Wife' - a telenovela on Showmax that is breaking records

After a weekend of binge watching, Carol Ofori is hooked...

LOCAL: 'The Wife' - a telenovela on Showmax that is breaking records
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As we move into an era of serious binge watching, there is no doubt that as a viewer you have your likes and dislikes. As a South African, there is such a depth of talent when it comes to the stories and the performance, that we are definitely spoilt for choice. 

The anticipation that led up to the launch of 'The Wife' wasn't just about hyped because it was Showmax's first telenovela, but also because of the cast, and the fact that it was inspired by Dudu Busani-Dube’s bestseller Hlomu The Wife

All the great love stories have a way of gripping you and this one has all the makings...

"The 40-episode first season tells the story of a journalist (Mbalenhle Mavimbela from Skeem Saam) who falls in love with a taxi driver, Mqhele (Bonko Khoza from Neckie Youth), not realising that when you marry a man, you marry his secrets.

As IOL’s Debashine Thangevelo put it, “The telenovela has blown my mind so far… Everything from the high production value, casting, scripting, directing, cinematography to wardrobe, ticks the boxes…. The [lead] actors share incredible chemistry and their respective performances are unparalleled. This scripting for the series is first-rate. Each character is so wonderfully crafted… The layered storytelling and twists will leave streamers religiously tuning in every week. Fans love the show and so do I.”(DStv


When asked about the story line and the casting, Gugu Ncube-Zuma, who has been called “the mind behind SA’s best TV shows” (by the Citypress), shared that the story explores "the black experience and, more importantly, black love." (DStv)

Also, their aim in casting was to recognise new and raw talent, talent that could become iconic in the roles of the story. "Actors who were not hugely associated with any other character on South African television." (DStv)

We think that the team definitely nailed it when it comes to finding actors who don't just have amazing chemistry but have also breathed life into their characters on-screen roles. 

In case you haven't joined the binge session, check out the trailer below, it will definitely leave you wanting more. 

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