LOCAL: After years of service, the Hyper by the Sea Post Office closes it's doors...

LOCAL: After years of service, Hyper by the Sea Post Office closes its doors...

A bid farewell to an old timer in the neighbourhood...

LOCAL: After years of service, the Hyper by the Sea Post Office closes it's doors...
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There are certain things in life that we become accustomed to, like getting used to having things at our doorsteps. It is called the art of convenience. As parents we live for convenience...

If you are a parent then we can see you nodding...The thing is that even as non-parents many people migrate towards convenience, whether it is to save on time (because it really is so precious), or because you just don't want to have to go through loops and binds to get something done, especially if it can be done easily. 

Bearing all that in mind, we recently found out that one of Durban's most popular post offices is closing down indefinitely. Whether you are from KZN or not, the Pick n Pay Hyper by the Sea is well known as a one stop shop and centre for many people. 

Over and above the convenience of the centre, Durbanites know it as the place to go to when you need your car license renewed. The Hyper by the Sea post office is both convenient, the parking plentiful and well, it's just the place to go to if you don't want to go to the licensing offices. 

But it's more than that...It has become a place that both residents to the Durban North area and surrounds have to come to rely on. It holds a sense of history, the bonds that people have made with one another, and the laughs and chats that are born as you find yourself standing in the queue. 

The announcement of their closure happened late last week on the Facebook page, which read: 

"The Hyper by the Sea post office in Durban will close permanently on 23 November 2021. Alternatives are the Durban Main post office and Durban North post office. Our sincere apology for the inconvenience." (Facebook)

"Last week, the South Africa Post Office (SAPO) noted that there have been some internal changes within the agency. SAPO said it has ‘tightened and improved internal controls in an effort to improve its service to its customers.’" (North Glen News)

With the stresses that the pandemic has placed on many people, we can understand that it could not have been easy making this decision. But we hope that somehow things change and this turns out to be not so permanent...You know how we love our convenience...

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Alternate branches have been suggested and include, the Durban North Post Office or the Durban Main Post Office. 

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