LISTEN: The prices of bread, milk, and oil escalate as country experiences volatile unrest

The prices of bread, milk, and oil escalate as country experiences volatile unrest

We look back at the week we had where the basics, like bread, were hard to find and when it was found, it was at a ridiculous price...

Prices of basics escalated last week

While many people were stuck without the bare essentials during the shutdown last week, many rallied together and made a plan, whether that was baking homemade bread or sharing what resources they had with their communities. 

Many shops were destroyed and looted, whilst other shops closed their doors out of fear. It is completely understandable that shop owners and workers were fearful of being victims to the looters. But with all that said, what about those shops that decided to hike their prices to make an extra buck, or was it because they felt that they were taking a risk in staying open so they should be paid for that? 

Whatever their motivation, it is unfair and harsh to say the least, to succumb to overcharging on items that go for far less than the advertised prices. A few people turned to social media to share how much they had paid for basic items such as a loaf of bread, which normally retails at R16 for a loaf of white and R15 for a loaf of brown. 

Some have reported that they paid R30 and upwards for a loaf of bread. Whilst some shop owners have made it easier for community members and retained their selling prices, others have used it as an opportunity to hike prices. 

The South African reported that "Milk, a staple just like bread, has also shot up in price. KZN resident Yandisa Mbanjwa said one litre of long life milk, which usually retails for roughly R15 was being sold for R25 in KwaMakhutha. While a Twitter user from Durban, KZN said a two litre milk was R75, which usually retails at roughly R26. She also said that 10kg flour, which retails at around R115, was R500."

LISTEN: The prices of bread ranged from R40 to R75 during last week's unrest...
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