LISTEN: #Durbanite Theshaya Naidoo graduates cum laude after receiving 16% in maths!

LISTEN: #Durbanite Theshaya Naidoo graduates cum laude after receiving 16% in maths!

Theshaya Naidoo recently shared on Twitter that she received 16% for Mathematics in 2017 and has now graduated cum laude from the University of KwaZulu-Natal!

Durbanite graduates Cum laude after getting 16% in Mathematics!
Theshaya Naidoo

When we first heard this young lady's story, we thought, wow, imagine persevering through your biggest hurdles and being able to finally say, "I did it!" It must feel exhilarating, life-changing, absolutely on top of the world...

Theshaya Naidoo, a 20-year-old young lady from Pietermaritzburg, openly shared a post on Twitter saying that after receiving 16% for Mathematics in 2017, she has graduated with her first degree with cum laude (with honour) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, during one of the toughest years our world has seen, 2020. 

2020 was a tough year for many people, but as we have highlighted through many other happy stories, many South Africans and others from around the world challenged themselves to do things that they have been putting off or even just working on themselves (physically, mentally, and emotionally). 

Theshaya proved to us and the world that you can accomplish your heart's desires with some hard work, consistency, and remaining true to your goals. Being focused on what you want and not settling for a 'plan B', as she calls it, is what allowed her to achieve such accolades. 

Theshaya followed a very strict and consistent schedule and found what worked for her. Every day she focused all her energy on graduating with cum laude and she showed us that the mind definitely has a lot to do with the power of achieving your goals. 

It's safe to say that she visualised her outcome and made it happen no matter what. She admits that she didn't attend many of her lectures, but what she did do every day was get up at midnight to study. 

That says a lot about following and leading, she followed her gut and led her own schedule, which proved to work for her. It's a great story to learn from...

We got an opportunity to chat with Theshaya and she shared some of the things that kept her motivated. She also shared some solid, sound, and inspirational words with us about how we all should be living. 

Listen to her words of wisdom and a brief biography below. 

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Image Courtesy of Theshaya Naidoo

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