KZN Foodie Influencer sets sights on the American dream

KZN Foodie Influencer sets sights on the American dream

Preshni Bangar takes some time to chat with us about her family's big move abroad. 

Preshni banger and her kids wearing Springbok tees
Preshni banger and her kids wearing Springbok tees/Supplied

Preshni Bangar, a young woman with a passion for spice and all things nice, has made such an impression on KZN and South Africa. 

She has been featured on East Coast Radio before thanks to her wealth of knowledge surrounding her foodie journey and we personally loved having her on the show with Carol Ofori some Diwalis ago. 

Preshni recently announced that she has decided to make a big move with her family. They will be relocating to the USA. 

And we caught up with her to ask some questions about their emigration. 

Here's how the interview went. 

Why emigration?

Preshni: "To be honest, we didn’t plan this move. My husband works for an American company and he was offered a promotion and a transfer which he accepted. I doubt we would have gone through the regular process of emigration had he not been offered the position." 

Why the US?

Preshni: "I am keen to explore new restaurants and food establishments in The US and to be exposed to a variety of cuisines especially Mexican food and Southern Cooking."

Any advice for families who want to emigrate? 

Preshni: "I would say, definitely save. Emigration is not cheap and also to try to not have too many assets in the country if you are planning to leave. Especially in terms of property and cars etc. Make sure you are of sound mind emotionally and mentally as it does take a toll on you. It is a very stressful experience and a scary one because you will never be with 100% certainty that you are making the right decision for yourself and more importantly for your kids until you’re already on the other side of the world. It is also very hard to leave family and good friends behind."

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How did you and your hubby approach the topic with the kids?

Preshni: "We were very straightforward with them. My son took it in and burst into tears about five minutes later. He’s old enough to understand the enormity of the situation and he knows he’s leaving good friends and wonderful family behind. My daughter was not too keen in the beginning which turned into excitement to visit Disneyland and see the snow, however she did ask me if she could come to South Africa on the weekends." 

Do you plan to continue your online foodie journey?

Preshni: "Yes, absolutely, I am officially a full-time content creator now so I will definitely be taking you all with me on my journey through the emigration process as well as life on the other side. I hope you will all follow me on my new adventures as I discover this new way of life, new flavours, experience new cultures and different cuisines and so much more."

We would like to wish Preshni and her family all the best on this next chapter and hope she will represent Mzansi while living the American Dream.

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