Japanese man living as a dog updates his canine costume

Japanese man living as a dog updates his canine costume

Who let the dog out?

A man wearing a Collie dog costume
A man wearing a Collie dog costume/YouTube Screenshot/@I_want_to_be_an_animal

A Japanese man who goes by the name of Toco on social media went viral a few years ago when he admitted that he enjoyed dressing as a dog and behaving like one. 

Toco went viral for dressing up in a life-like Collie costume and acting like a dog. 

Watch a video of him below, courtesy of YouTube:

Toco was too embarrassed to share his true identity with the public out of shame. 

He didn't want his family and friends to know about his secret passion of living like a dog. His Collie costume cost him $15,000, which is roughly R290,000. 

Toco proudly shared the news of fulfilling his dream of becoming a dog and his new dog costume, which is of an Alaskan Malamute

According to an online source, this costume comes with a tail that he can wag and controllable mouth movements. 

The company responsible for the life-like dog costume is called Zeppet

According to their website, they describe themselves as "A special modeling studio active in various fields such as movies, commercials, TV programs, facilities, and events. We handle a wide range of projects, from large to small professional productions, and even individual orders." 

Watch Toco in action. Courtesy of YouTube:

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