INSPIRING: Barbie introduces dolls with hearing aids and prosthetic legs

INSPIRING: Barbie introduces dolls with hearing aids and prosthetic legs

A beautiful way of representing an inclusive society...

New Barbie dolls
New Barbie dolls/Facebook/@GoalDigginMamas

As parents, we forever want for our kids what we didn't have. Part of that includes not having our children feel ostracised or excluded in any way. 

But the reality of the world is that we don't always get what we want. And at some point as a parent we have to deal with uncomfortable conversations with our children. 

So when we heard about these great additions to the Barbie doll collection, it definitely left us feeling good. 

"Mattel announced a number of new dolls that emphasize diversity and inclusion, including one wearing a hot-pink hearing aid. Another doll has a prosthetic leg, and a new ken doll has vitiligo." (MSN)

In addition, the Barbie collection is said to have more than 175 looks for diverse representation.

We are definitely all for this sort of thinking and play. 

Children definitely thrive when they are playing and when the dolls they are playing with represent a fair and inclusive society, it reinforces a united community and diminishes discrimination. 

Mattel recently posted a video showing the positive impact that playing with dolls has on children. Experts say that it helps children develop their empathy and social processing skills. 

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