"I stopped doing things for my twin toddlers"

"I stopped doing things for my twin toddlers"

"They became happier..." A full-time working mother shares how she inspires her toddlers to be independent. 

Two toddlers walking around their mini kitchen
Two toddlers walking around their mini kitchen/Instagram Screenshot/@zi_twinmom

A Montessori-led lifestyle for kids is something most parents have tried to follow over the last few years. 

With Montessori-inspired mini kitchens and bathrooms, many parents with little ones have tried to instil independence in their kids from a young and tender age. 

The South African Montessori Association defines Montessori Education as "an international philosophy of education based on scientific observation of how the child learns. The approach is child-centred and acknowledges the innate eagerness of the child to learn and acquire knowledge". 

Deemed the Education for Life, Montessori Education was created by Maria Montessori more than a century ago. 

The traditional form of education has long been questioned, whether or not it works for all children is something that many parents (and children) have been concerned with. 

Watch the interesting ideology behind Montessori, courtesy of YouTube

A mother who works full-time shares how she has a Montessori-inspired mini kitchen for her twin toddlers. She has received some backlash on social media (naturally, because not everyone believes in this method of education and upbringing). 

But she is positive that the way she is bringing her kids up is to their benefit and we have to agree, it is amazing to see the way these young boys do things for themselves. 

All the while, many adults cannot do these simple things for themselves. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram.

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Watch a video of how it all started. These twin boys are two-and-a-half years old and can take on their weekend meals with confidence with this cute kitchen. 

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