“I shouldn’t have pushed Ayanda and Nonku to air their dirty laundry at the Diwali party”

“I shouldn’t have pushed Ayanda and Nonku to air their dirty laundry at the Diwali party”

Annie Ludick has made quite the impact on the 'Real Housewives Of Durban' so far - and Carol gets up close with the star as she spills the beans on the new season.

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It’s Friday – and that means there’s another dramatic episode of the 'Real Housewives of Durban' premiering on Showmax this evening. Ahead of tonight’s episode, Carol chats to Annie Ludick about the series and all of the drama so far.

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Last week, Ayanda Ncwane and Nonku Williams dissected their previous confrontation and agreed to meeting one-on-one to say everything they needed to say to each other regarding the late Sfiso, while Sorisha invited the girls to a fabulous gaming night. Naturally, the series is expected to be filled with even more drama and Annie tells Carol that fans have seen nothing yet. 

After being the one to push Ayanda and Nonku to speak about their issues at Sorisha’s Diwali party, the reality star reveals that her relationship with the two has been icy.

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“I thought [Ayanda and Nonku] knew each other off Instagram and then [Ayanda] pretended that she didn’t know Nonku in real life or something like that,” Annie tells Carol.

She adds that “I am embarrassed by my actions. I don’t think we’ve reached a point in our friendship where we’re besties now and I don’t think it will ever get to that point.”

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Ahead of the show’s third episode, Annie tells Carol that viewers will finally get a bit of a deeper glimpse into who Annie is as a person. “This episode show’s a bit more about me personally and a bit more of my competitive nature and reveals more of our personalities a little bit more.”

Listen to Annie share more by listening to the full interview below:

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