"I remember wanting to win Every Caller Wins so badly in 2020"

"I remember wanting to win Every Caller Wins so badly in 2020"

Traditionally, when it is your birthday, you treat everyone else as a way of being grateful for yet another year of celebrations. 

Assorted gift boxes on yellow background
Assorted gift boxes on yellow background/Canva

I am the type of person who believes in the secret of life aka the law of attraction.

But as much as I believe that, it is anything but easy to commit to a consistent mindset of thinking positively when your bank account is slowly depleting. 

2020 was an amazing year as I became a mother, but it was also a year that no one was prepared for. I was also unemployed and the pandemic took its toll on all of us. 

Being the avid East Coast Radio listener that I was, I heard Every Caller Wins and thought, "Okay, this is my way of getting some money during a tough time."

But like so many others, I did not get through. And let me just say I tried till the very last minute. 

The following year, I got a job at East Coast Radio and only two years later did I make the realisation that I may not have won Every Caller Wins in 2020, but that was just a setback that was setting me up for my employment. 

The first year I experienced Every Caller Wins at East Coast Radio house, I was excited, so excited that it felt like every person who won was a win for me. 

And as much as I felt it each time a person complained about not getting through, I knew that person wasn't meant for this win. 

This was not for them, something else would come for them when the time was right. 

I know it sounds really airy-fairy, but sometimes when you want something so badly, all you can do is try and if it's meant for you, you will get it, but if it's not, then best believe it will come when the time is right. 

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This year, Every Caller Wins is slightly different. 

To celebrate our birthday, we are giving listeners a chance to win a share of R270,000 in presents on Monday, 9 October, with Every Caller Wins.

We want listeners to tune in on Monday the 9th of October from 6am to 6pm. They must listen in for 12 hours for opportunities to call in. If they call in and get taken to the air, whether it’s for content interaction or a competition, THEY WIN a share of R270,000 in presents.

The excitement that comes with opening a present on your birthday is what we wanted you to feel this year. 

There will be 27 gift boxes in the studio and listeners will get a chance to choose a present. Save this number 089 0000 327 on your phone and get your fingers ready to press that call button on Monday, 9 October. 

From one listener to another, I am crossing fingers for you. 

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