"I never thought being a mother was so much sacrifice till I became one"

"I never thought being a mother was so much sacrifice till I became one"

A woman shares her honest experience on becoming a mother...

A woman sitting on brown hay holding a boy
A woman sitting on brown hay holding a boy/Pexels Website

Odette Wakefield shares her open and honest experience after becoming a mother. 

Her words are both real and blunt, and this is exactly how mothers and fathers need to be speaking about parenthood. 

We love her candid approach in dealing with the evolution of parenting. More than that, we love that she is not afraid to be true to herself. 

She said that after meeting her baby girl's brown eyes for the first time, she knew that her place on earth was not yet complete. 

After her baby's father decided to leave, she didn't have any support and found out that she was suffering from post partum depression. 

Something that many mothers feel guilty to admit, out of fear of judgment. 

According to Parent24, she said: "It is not all rosy and photo shoot Instagram worthy; it's tiring, confusing, self-doubt inducing and requires lots of patience and googling! I have learnt that there is no handbook, and we cannot base our principles on how it was 30 odd years ago."

Finding the balance between being honest with our kids to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead is no easy feat. 

But does that mean fluffing everything up and masking the truth is a better option? 

Not according to this mother - and we have to say it does make lots of sense. 

"My job is done when they can independently make healthy decisions, stand firm in their beliefs (whatever that may mean to them, not my forced beliefs), values and just be good to other people." (News24)

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She takes that whole analogy of empowering your kids with information to the level of practicality. 

So, to this mom, we commend you for your honesty and your disposition to learning each day and admitting that parenting is in fact a learning experience.

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