Husband plans to walk 600km to pay off his wife's student debt

Husband plans to walk 600km to pay off his wife's student debt

"She will not be able to graduate unless her debt is settled..."

Husband and wife pose for a picture
Husband and wife pose for a picture/Facebook/@LuciensWalk

Sadly, sometimes you have to seek financial assistance if you want to achieve your dreams. 

And one such woman who sought out a student loan to complete her education degree at UNISA, was Washiela Williams. 

But she is not the one in the limelight, in fact it is the immense love that her husband has for her that brought her story to light. 

Lucien Williams is on a mission to support his wife. He will be turning 40 this coming Thursday. 

It so happens that on his birthday this year, he will be embarking on a 600km walk, all in aid of his wife. 

Due to some financial difficulties whilst completing her degree at UNISA, she has some student loan debt. 

And this is holding her back from graduating. 

The balance to settle her student loan debt is R18,000. Currently, she is working as a Foundation Phase Teacher at a pre-school. 

But without her qualification, she is unable to get a full-time job. 

"Washiela is the first one in her family to have reached a tertiary level of education and has been met with insurmountable factors, yet she has pulled through." (MSN)

As a way of raising funds to help pay off her debt and help her achieve her degree, Williams will be walking for 10 days for about 13 to 14 hours a day. 

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This journey is multifaceted though. Yes, he is doing this for his family, but he also feels this journey will be a spiritual one for him. 

"There is just something about those small towns and their faith." (MSN)

"If you would like to assist in Lucien Williams making his wife’s dream a reality and seeing her graduate later this year you can donate towards every kilometre he works on the BackABuddy page."

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