How have you been using a bubble wand all this time?

How have you been using a bubble wand all this time?

Parents will be intrigued to find out that there's a trick to bubble wands that differs to regular bubbles.

Little girls sitting on the ground blowing bubbles
Little girls sitting on the ground blowing bubbles/Pexels/@Antonius Ferret

It's impossible to think that you know everything about everything. 

Although some might argue that they do, the truth behind it all is that we all go through those moments of discovery, those moments when we admit that we were 'today years old' when we learnt something about something. 

Those who are die-hards will not admit to it, but that's okay, playing it cool when you learn something new is a skill in itself. 

A couple recently took their shot by sharing a moment with the popular kids activity - Bubble Wands. 

It's like the original bubbles but bigger with a larger vessel to blow bubbles from. What kid doesn't get excited about getting to blow bubbles? It is certainly a crowd-pleaser. 

A man asked his wife to show him how she uses the bubble wand and naturally she opened it up and started waving the wand around. But she was wrong and found out the way you should be using a bubble wand. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@cullligan already prepared for the “looks like he’s had practice” feedback 😂🫧 . #bubbles #bubblehack #todayyearsold #marriage #marriedlifehumor #marriagecomedy #DidYouKnow #fyp #fypシ @Katie ♬ original sound - Cullen

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The comments on the video post were interesting, but we will keep it PG. 

  • "My daughter disagrees she blows one good bubble then pours the rest all over the ground while trying to dip wand back in lol"
  • "'s a bubble ✨WAND✨ you have to fling it around like a wand. 😭 That's the fun in it."
  • "Me learning you were even supposed to wave it around. I’ve been blowing on it only 💀 good to know"
  • "Now my child won't get so frustrated when he tried to dunk back in and then dumps the whole thing on the floor and then cries lol"

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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