Her boyfriend proposes during her newscast on live TV

Her boyfriend proposes during her newscast on live TV

We really do admire these kinds of love stories. 

A man proposes to a woman in news studio
A man proposes to a woman in news studio/TikTok Screenshot/@ceraynicholson

There is this immense sense of pressure associated with starting a new chapter in life. 

But when you know it's right, then taking the leap doesn't feel that scary or pressurising. 

We think we were more concerned here than this couple, because public displays of affection can sometimes take a swift turn in the wrong direction. 


In a video, a boyfriend is seen interrupting (a pleasant interruption) his girlfriend's news broadcast on live television. 

He planned it so well that she was reading out their story as if it were the news, slowly connecting the dots that it was something more when she saw their names and pictures on the screen. 

The nervousness for us came from the mere possibility that she may say no... and then this story would have gone viral for all the wrong reasons. 

Spoiler alert, she didn't feed into our fears and was really comfortable with his grand gesture and ended up saying yes!

Watch the video below, definitely a movie plot brewing here. Courtesy of TikTok

@ceraynicholson Still at a loss for words😭💍 @Riley Nagel hid this so well. I am so excited for our future together #shesafiance #proposalvideo #engagement #news #chattanooga #localnews #love #wedding #surpriseproposal ♬ original sound - Ceray Nicholson

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