Have you done your vision board for 2024 yet?

Have you done your vision board for 2024 yet?

A TikToker says that vision boards should be done at least a month before the New Year...

Goals for the year calendar
Goals for the year calendar/Pexels/@The Sunday Collection

The more apt question should be: Why haven't you started your vision board?

As a point of note, we have learnt that vision boards are tools that help a person or family achieve their goals. It is said to be the first step in manifesting all that you want in your life. 

And the most important part being that many of those people who have done vision boards have received all that they have envisioned. 

So, the question isn't should you do vision boards, but why aren't you doing them?

A TikToker recently shared a video about vision boards and how they should be done at least a month before the New Year. 

You see, people always start the New Year off with a sense of excitement, ready to achieve all their goals. But this TikToker says that when we set goals at the beginning of the year, we get infatuated with the glamourised version of what that goal looks like. 

Instead, if we set the goals earlier, it allows us to think about the idea, marinate on the goal, and fully weigh it out. 

Watch her explain the benefits of doing your vision board before the New Year. 

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In case you are stuck and don't know how to start your vision board, here's a video with some ideas. 

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