Guy warns woman, "Too many red flags. Run. Be Safe girl", while her date goes to bathroom

Guy warns woman, "Too many red flags. Run. Be Safe girl", while her date goes to bathroom

You're on a coffee date and a stranger slips you a note warning you about your date. What do you do?

SEE: A guy slips a woman a note: "Too many red flags. Run. Be Safe girl" while her date goes to the bathroom

Dating is not the way we remember it to be, there are some basics that have remained the same but the game is different now. Without even considering that the pandemic has put a big spanner in the dating game, there are other means now, social media, online dating, social events that are riddled with untrustworthy potential.

In all honesty, people with bad intentions have always been around, but the level of their badness has escalated with the level of the unknown that the internet provides so easily. So, it is safe to say that the traditional methods of meeting someone isn't as easy as it used to be. 

Carol Ofori has shared that when she was dating her now husband, things were different, he was not like the stereotypical guy. He was working towards bettering himself, in so doing he also pushed her to expect better from people around her. We're thinking that's because he believed she deserved better. 

So when we saw this story, we had to put it on the table for discussion. A woman was on a coffee date with a guy and when he left for the bathroom, she was slipped a note from a guy who was sitting close by. The note read: "Too many red flags. Run. Be safe girl."

The comments on the Tweet were varied, but many people wanted to know more about what the woman decided to do. She revealed that she was grateful for the note but she could handle herself and stayed on to see what came from the date.

She also mentioned that there won't be a second date. We are sure that there are some people who have had bad dating experiences, this definitely reminds us of that movie 'Enough' with Jennifer Lopez, where she realises that the man of her dreams is actually a psychopath and their meeting was all planned from day one. 

All in all, we are glad that she stuck around to see what came of it, we all know that the pursuit of love is not easy. However, we also want to know what you would do if you were in the same situation? 

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