Former Miss SA's dress is the hot topic for two well established designers

Former Miss SA's dress is the hot topic for two well established designers

Let's rather celebrate these two designers for their amazing bead work designs...

Former Miss SA's dress is the hot topic for two well established designers
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Design in all its forms is a very contentious topic. It is both a subjective expression, but also has its roots within trends, and popular culture, not forgetting tradition and history. 

So when we look at designers and their creations, there is a fine line between plagiarism and authenticity. What one person sees in their mind and translates into a garment can literally be very much what another can see and do as well. 

When we saw the recent Umembeso ceremony between former Miss South Africa, Tamaryn Green, and her beloved husband, Zesimdumise ‘Ze’ Nxumalo, the thing that was on everyone's lips was her striking dress. 

The beautiful ceremony and the amazing fusion of cultures left us feeling excited to celebrate our diverse nation. What is stereotypically considered an awkward situation was celebrated in a fun way that respected tradition - and to think it was all because of love!

So when we were informed about this dispute, between two talented designers, we were disheartened that something that brings vibrancy, joy, celebration, and character could be the cause. 

"The SCALO fashion brand has consistently represented quality and style since being founded in 2009. It is the brainchild of Soweto born Sello Medupe, whose designs are underpinned by passion and creativity, fused with the dynamism synonymous with a typical Johannesburg attitude. That of being modern, sophisticated and futuristic." (Press Release)

While Bayanda Khathini, an African Couture designer who brings beadwork to his designs in abstract and eclectic ways, came to a post made by Sello with some disappointment, claiming that SCALO has plagiarised his signature beadwork pattern. 

As much as both these designers have acquired their own successes, it has to be noted that they are currently undergoing legal talks to try and settle this dispute in the most amicable of ways. 

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As we said earlier, design is such a contentious talent, it can be said that as much as their styles are similar, each of these designers have a different agenda when it comes to styling and design. Their artistry is one that brings history, ancestry, and tradition to the forefront of design and allows us to celebrate style in a bespoke manner. 

So whatever the outcome, we hope that we can see them collaborate one day, and more than that, respect their craft, respect each other, because as South Africans, we have to be there to lift one another up, not tear each other apart. 

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