First-born child says: "I don't want to be a sister"

First-born child says: "I don't want to be a sister"

This is likely what most parents have to go through when announcing their news to their first-borns, but not all parents share this part...

A young girl with braided hair wearing spectacles
A young girl with braided hair wearing spectacles/Instagram Screenshot/@_jbentley_

Growing your family is a special moment and is usually celebrated in the most precious ways. 

But when you have kid/s already, sometimes the happy news needs to be handled with care. Not all first-born kids are happy to welcome a baby brother or sister

And one little girl revealed the reason behind her unhappiness. From the get-go, she was adamant that she didn't want a baby sister, and her reaction was real and honest. 

The fact that she was unafraid to be open about her feelings with her parents shows the type of kids we are bringing up. 

Watch the video of her reaction below, courtesy of Instagram

It's difficult not to laugh when you see a reaction such as this, but it is vital not to laugh. Laughing might make the child feel like you are laughing at them and that's only going to add to the big feelings. 

We loved how amazingly patient this expectant mom was with her daughter. Reassuring her that she was still going to be loved. 

How this young girl expressed herself was a key indicator of the type of family she was a part of. They communicate with each other and it is evident when she asks her mother if she is overreacting. It shows that she is self-aware.

Mom shared a hashtag on the post saying that Milan, her 8-year-old first-born, is excited now, so that's good news. 

Check out some of the comments: 

  • "I love how she used her words and articulated how she felt 🥲 she made some valid points lol. But it took me out when she pointed at your stomach and asked if that was it" 
  • "It’s the “I’m gonna die before they do” “am I being dramatic?!”" 
  • "I will check back in two years to see if she still feels this way"
  • "I don't even know ya'll but I'm totally invested now"
  • "Who ever this is, you gotta keep everyone updated and chronically this story until they both are older. This is going to be a great story!" 

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