The face behind 'Something Nutritious'

The face behind 'Something Nutritious'

Snenhlanhla Mbambo is a consumer science student passionate about food, but not just any food...

Snenhlanhla Mbambo the founder of Something Nutritious
Snenhlanhla Mbambo the founder of Something Nutritious/Instagram Screenshot/@sne_mbambo

This week, Carol Ofori celebrates Snenhlanhla Mbambo as her Woman Crush Wednesday

Snenhlanhla Mbambo is a Consumer Science student majoring in food and nutrition and is the founder of Something Nutritious

Something Nutritious is a food business that offers nutritionally dense meals that look and taste good. We live in a fast-paced world where many people feel overwhelmed by a busy lifestyle, which has been known to push families into unhealthy eating habits. 

Something Nutritious aims to inspire people to pursue a healthy lifestyle while changing their perceptions of healthy eating, making it accessible, convenient, and sustainable. 

Snenhlanhla brings fun and youthfulness to cooking nutritious food that looks appealing. It has been said that presentation is everything, but only some feel this way about healthy food. 

The perception of healthy food is that it is tasteless, but Snenhlanhla is changing this with her colourful and inviting-looking recipes. 

Check out one of her beautiful plates of food below, courtesy of Instagram

Snenhlanhla offers nutritious meals packed to various dietary requirements. Something Nutritious offers meals batched in quantities of six, eight, and ten, and is priced accordingly. 

You can contact Snenhlanhla on 064 681 1912 for orders and more information. She is also on WhatsApp and Instagram

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