eThekwini services returning to normal this week, including refuse collection

eThekwini services returning to normal this week, including refuse collection

As we move on from the torment of last week, we look at all the services that are returning to normal this week. 

eThekwini Services that are returning to normal this week include Refuse Collection

What started off as something that aimed to break us as a nation, it has been absolutely amazing to see communities rally together and pick up the pieces in such a united and productive way. It truly has left us feeling invigorated and filled with encouragement that we can all rebuild our province and our country. 

With that being said, this morning, as we try to return to normal, many people are moving around alerted and practicing caution. As people queue at stores to get the basic necessities and are limited with quantities, as we are trying to practice sharing amongst all homes and families in our neighbourhoods; other services are returning to work and trying to bring some routine back to life. 

According to the eThekwini Municipality, refuse collection and street sweeping would resume today and residents were encouraged to leave their refuse bags out for collection on their scheduled collection days. 

In addition, landfill and garden sites would reopen so that those residents wanting to drop off their refuse and garden refuse could visit their local sites. The municipality said: "The city would like to thank all the stakeholders, who are participating in the clean-up operations that are taking place."

The municipality also mentioned that clinics, including mobile services, would also be operational. After the past week, it seems that COVID-19 took a backseat to many of us who were overwhelmed with the uncertainty going on around our province. 

A back to reality shake up as we return to the vaccine roll-outs and the municipality has urged that people register online if they are eligible. In addition, they also mentioned that people exercise patience as they join the queues for vaccines, as due to last week's affairs, there is a backlog. 

Public transport is said to return to normal from today and the 'B' schedule time route (the school holiday routine) would be practiced due to schools being closed. 

"It said bus operations will start at 4am and all areas will be operational except for routes operating via Phoenix eg. Mount Edgecombe, Mahatma Gandhi Hospital. The Umhlanga service will be diverted not to operate via Phoenix," IOL reports.

Central Durban and South beaches are closed due to shark nets not being serviced last week. "The beaches north of the Umgeni estuary up to the Tongaat River are also closed due to the contamination of the uMhlanga estuary."

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