EskomSePush: We're Ready for Stage 16!

EskomSePush: We're Ready for Stage 16!

In this episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, Carol speaks with Dan Southwood-Wells, one of the founders of the wildly popular EskomSePush app. They discuss its origins, and how financially lucrative it has been for them, plus share their plans and predictions for the country regarding loadshedding.

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Season three of The Carol Ofori Podcast kicks off with an enlightening conversation with Dan Southwood-Wells, one of the founders of the South African ‘life-saving app,’ EskomSePush.

Southwood-Wells explains why and how the idea for the EskomSePush app originated and reveals how the name was chosen – and no, it’s not what you think!

When asked about their efficiency in updating the app following Eskom's announcements, Southwood-Wells clarifies they don’t have a personal relationship with the power utility or any municipalities.

Southwood-Wells notes that the EskomSePush ‘team’ consists of just three people.

So, how lucrative has the app been, and what impact do they feel?

Find out by listening to the full conversation directly below (or at the top of this page).

Meanwhile, in an earlier episode of The Carol Ofori Podcast, had an honest, sincere and sometimes hilarious conversation with South African two-time Olympic gold medallist, Caster Semenya. In a candid conversation with Carol, Semenya opened up about why her ongoing battle is so important, not only for herself, but for every single person who feels their human rights have been violated in any way whatsoever.

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