ECR's Top 5: Hard parenting rules to raise highly successful children

ECR's Top 5: Hard parenting rules to raise highly successful children

The fifth rule is a special one from us...

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Parenting kids can be challenging. The constant worry as to whether you are doing it right can become all-consuming. 

But that is why it is important to establish the best way forward for you as a parent.

The author of the book, 'Raising an Entrepreneur', Margot Machol Bisnow, shared some great insight into her research. 

She has shared four hard rules that parents of highly successful children followed...

We think that these are both honest and modest, so you can choose which works for you:

1. Give kids extreme independence

The first one was from the mother of Susan and Anne Wojcicki, Esther. A less conventional parenting rule that definitely isn't desired by many parents. 


Esther had four kids in the space of three years without any help, and so you could say that she was forced to encourage independence with her kids from an early stage. 

A good way to start off without overwhelming yourself or the kids, is perhaps assigning them with chores around the house. Giving them that responsibility ignites their confidence. 

2. Actively nurture compassion

Compassion. Showing kids what it feels like to help someone, regardless of their struggle, can empower them. 

"Early awareness of others people’s problems can also encourage kids to start asking entrepreneurial questions: “Do things really have to be this way?” “How can I make them better?”" (CNBC)

3. Welcome failure early and often 

This one sounds counterproductive, but its quite the opposite. Many parents want to save their kids from failure, but the parents of Nia Batts, the co-founder of Detroit Blows, an inclusive, non-toxic hair and beauty service, encouraged failure early on in her life. 

She shared that her father would often ask her what she failed at on any given day. 

"I think they were excited to watch the process unfold as I grew up and learned that lesson. My father taught me that in your wounds lie your gifts, and in your failures lie your opportunities,” she said. (CNBC)

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4. Let go of control and lead by following

This is another one that many parents will find difficulty in, considering we are socially accustomed into believing that parents know best. 

The tricky part here is to actually stand back and lead by following. A real testament to sticking out for a greater good. 

"In other words, see what your kids want, what their passion is, what they are good at, and what makes them happy. Allow their gift to reveal itself. Then support it. Tell them how proud you are of them for succeeding in their chosen path. And then tell them again and again, until you’re sure they believe it." (CNBC)

The last one is a special bonus from us. And we hope it fits in with the above wisdom...

5. Positive language reinforcement

Now we have found that in many instances, the type of language we use can definitely impact how we live our lives. 

Sometimes we use language patterns that come from a place of fear, and the truth is parenting from a place of fear only reinforces fear. 

So perhaps using affirmative language, positive words, words of love and encouragement could create a child that feels they can take on anything?

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