DYK: The flat faces bred into bulldogs can cause a "lifetime of suffering"!

DYK: The flat faces bred into bulldogs can cause a "lifetime of suffering"!

Who would've thought that could cause them pain?

English bulldog on couch
English bulldog on couch/Pexels Website

We love our pets, there's no questioning it...

So to hear that these cute pugs and bulldogs have been in pain, is absolutely disheartening. 

In all honesty, their faces do not at all look without pain, so to some extent it makes sense. Can you imagine walking around with a permanently squashed face?

The Royal Veterinary College experts in the United Kingdom have now banned people from buying bulldogs. 

"They want people to stop buying English bulldogs and two other popular breeds - the French bulldog and the pug - until breeding issues are addressed." (BBC)

They have also encouraged people to not share pictures of these breeds, so as to not encourage its popularity. 

"The flat faces bred into bulldogs can cause a "lifetime of suffering" and vets are urging people not to buy one." (BBC)

These dogs have historically been known as a symbol of endurance and courage. 

However, it seems that this study has revealed that their cute yet extreme features have resulted in their downfall in the health department. 

"What we deem is cute from the outside, if you're living the life as that dog, is anything but cute. It is, in many cases, a lifetime of suffering," says Dr O'Neill, one of the authors of the study. (BBC)

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Owners who do already own these dogs should be on the look out for health issues such as, "eye problems, difficulty breathing and skin fold infections, and seek veterinary advice if concerned, they say." (BBC)

In comparison to other dog breeds, English Bulldogs are twice as likely to have more health complications or disorders in a single year than other breeds of dogs. 

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