#DesiTuesday: Are you Team Preeta or Team Mahira?

#DesiTuesday: Are you Team Preeta or Team Mahira?

We would love to know if you a fan of the shero or the villain? 

#DesiTuesday: This is Fate fans, are you "Team Preeta" or "Team Mahira"?
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A couple of weeks ago we decided to ask you what your favourite Indian television shows were. We have to admit that when it comes to soapies or telenovelas, we are not sure of the difference, but one thing we are sure of is their popularity. 

It is a stereotype that is definitely stemmed from truth, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. As long as you don't associate too much with the series and end up immersing yourself into all the drama...

When we asked you what your favourite channels were, you came back with answers such as Glow TV, ZEE World, ZEE TV, Star Life, and Sony TV. Of course, we also saw those comments of non-fans, and we appreciated the humour. 

But for the most, we wanted to connect with the fans who do enjoy these kinds of shows. More than anything because we wanted to find out more about your interests, and maybe even learn a little when it comes to your likes and dislikes, after all, isn't that what family is about?

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So after asking around, we noticed that there are many fans of the show called, 'This is Fate'. And after catching up on some of the storyline, we noticed that there is a love triangle, between the show's heroin and hero and the other woman...

Of course, the hero being Karan, who wants to do the right thing, because of honour and such and such. Preeta is the one he loves, it's obvious with the long stares and banter between them, she of course fulfils the role of the heroin, and the other woman is Mahira, the girl that wants what she cannot have...

So whose team are you on? Are you rooting for Preeta and Karan, or Mahira and Karan? 

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