Daddy Awards South Africa: Just in time for Father's Day

Daddy Awards South Africa: Just in time for Father's Day

An award to celebrate and encourage positive, active fatherhood in South Africa. 

Neo Mothopeng from Daddy Awards South Africa
Neo Mothopeng from Daddy Awards South Africa/Supplied

As we approach the day for dads worldwide, we have come across a meaningful movement. 

Introducing Daddy Awards South Africa, also known as DASA. 

This is a movement that is aimed at celebrating and encouraging "positive and active fatherhood in South Africa".

"The awards seek to recognize and celebrate fathers who are present as well as active in their children's lives and who are making a positive impact in their families and communities." (Neo Mothopeng)

The founder of the amazing initiative aiming to uplift the image of a father, Neo Mothopeng, said: “Positive fatherhood is not just about being present, but about actively engaging in the lives of our children. Through the movement, we want to challenge the negative stereotypes and celebrate the men who are committed to being positive role models for the next generation." 

The awards aim to highlight the positive impact a present and engaged father can have on a child's life. 

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It also serves as an encouragement to fathers to take an active role in their children's lives. 

A first of its kind in South Africa, the Daddy Awards South Africa will be held annually and will be open to all fathers in South Africa. 

"Many men struggle to balance their family responsibilities with work and societal expectations, and the Awards aim to provide a platform for men to share their stories and connect with other fathers who are going through similar experiences." (Neo Mothopeng)

Another thing that really touched us is the aim of this movement to encourage fathers to seek support when they feel overwhelmed. Whether that is from friends, family or from a counsellor. 

There is a stereotype in most cultures that has stopped men from sharing their feelings. 

The image of what a father is supposed to be versus what he is allowed to be has created a generation of fathers who shy away from expressing themselves. 

The Daddy Awards South Africa aims to change that stereotype and encourage fathers to heal from that generational trauma. 

“It is important to note that this movement is not about shaming or blaming absent fathers. Rather, it is about highlighting the importance of fathers in children's lives and encouraging men to step up and take an active role in their children's upbringing,” Mothopeng added. 

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