Dad reminds us of the importance of playing with your kids

Dad reminds us of the importance of playing with your kids

Numerous benefits come with playing with your kids...

Father seated at his daughter's playtime kitchen
Father seated at his daughter's playtime kitchen/Instagram Screenshot/@Christophe_Kyle

It's almost the middle of the second month of 2024 and we can say with confidence that everyone is back to their routines. 

Whether those routines are new and improved, taking into account 2024 goals or lifestyle changes, we are not sure. But we can say that making a change isn't as easy as it sounds. 

It takes a change of one's mindset and staying committed to the mission. 

So, to those of you who are not quite on that lane, we understand. Sometimes falling back into your old habits is easier when you are tired and stressed out. 

One father's post from 2020 reminded us that playing with your kids is an important part of being a present parent. It also has several benefits

"Studies have shown that parents who play with their baby can help promote their cognitive development, and as they get older, the children will do better with language and math skills. Play also helps promote physical development and fine and gross motor skills. From an emotional development perspective, more play has been shown to help babies learn to cope with stress and develop their emotional intelligence, resiliency and social skills." (Hopkins Medicine)

Dad, Chris Kyle on Instagram, shared the below post during the pandemic. It shows him seated at a table at his daughter's play kitchen. 

Kyle looks unimpressed in the photo and we realise why when we read the post below, which is a review of his daughter's restaurant and the bad service he got. 

The post read: "So I tried to support another Black Owned Business for lunch today. It’s called Ava’s Kitchen, just opened end of April. It’s a very clean establishment, but whewww let me tell you about this owner. First off, I asked why there are balloons on my chair, and it’s not my birthday? She talm’bout, mind yah business; those are Mommy’s.

"I been waiting on my order to get done for 45 minutes, and I’m the only customer here. She was making good progress at first, then she stopped for 20 minutes to go watch Paw Patrol.

"Overall the customer service could be better, but the cook is a cutie; so I’ll give her another chance. Let’s not give up on Black businesses so fast after one mistake." (Instagram)

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