CRAZY: Four-year-old boy from Netherlands takes mum's car for a spin

CRAZY: Four-year-old boy from Netherlands takes mum's car for a spin

Police are calling him the new "Max Verstappen"...

Teddy bear on car steering wheel
Teddy bear on car steering wheel/Instagram Screenshot/@politie_utrechtnoord

Taking the car out for a joy ride is definitely something some teenagers have done in their lifetime...

How many have lived to tell the tale, we are not certain. But what is shocking to us is that nowadays the kids are starting younger. 

Police in the central city of Utrecht, Netherlands were notified about a young boy walking in the street, only wearing his pyjamas and no shoes. 

Community members were concerned that this youngster might be suffering with hypothermia. 

The police officers then received another call of an accident that had taken place not far off from the little boy. 

"The driver suspected of causing the accident was missing." (MSN)

Dum, dum, dum... (Cue the dramatic music)

Turns out the car was registered to the little boy's mother! 

"Police phoned the mum 'and when she spoke to her son, he made noises resembling a car and used gestures showing turning a steering wheel,' police said." (MSN)

The police took the young boy to the scene of the accident, and the little boy took the keys and proceeded to start the car, then pressing down on the accelerator. A re-enactment just for fun...

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According to the police, the boy had taken his mother's car keys after his father had left for work, as he wanted to go for a drive. 

The mother admitted that her son was "quite resourceful", whilst the police warned parents to hide the car keys.

Lesson learned indeed, luckily no one including the young boy was harmed. 

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