Company puts on their thinking cap to create team spirit #MotivationMonday

Company puts on their thinking cap to create team spirit #MotivationMonday

What do you and your team do to stay connected? 

#MotivationMonday: Who knew wearing caps during Zoom meetings would create team spirit
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There have been many, many lessons that have emerged during the course of the pandemic. Besides learning about ourselves and our families, we have learned to think of new ways to stay connected and cultivate a culture of team spirit.

On the work front, it can be said that things were more challenging as face-to-face communication has always been such an integral part of our professional lives - especially when it comes to client relations, brainstorming and general catch ups. 

It's safe to say that we took the energy that comes with interacting with your colleagues for granted, right? The freedom to engage on a face-to-face level definitely helped a lot when it came to producing workable and creative ideas... because e-mails and Zoom meetings can become such a bore. 

But it's amazing how many teams came to the party and embraced their new work-from-home setups and adapted. It just goes to show that we all have a choice when it comes to responding to life's circumstances and it's up to you as to how you respond...

"A CEO leading a company with 700 staff told the BBC that workers wear branded caps during video calls - and argues it's helped employees feel connected to one another while working from home." (Business Insider)

We definitely think that sometimes just having something to connect over makes a huge difference. If you think about it, similar circumstances have traditionally been a connecting force for people. That's ideally how friendships are made; you connect with someone over something in common.

The CEO of Integral Ad Science (IAS), an advertising tech firm,  Lisa Utzschneider, said she feels like the wearing of caps by staff has allowed them all to feel unified. 

"Some workers have struggled to keep a barrier between work and home life during the pandemic, and Utzschneider said that wearing a hat has helped her with that." (Business Insider)

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We definitely think that this was a great way of dealing with the mental stress that working from home has had on many people. Besides the adaptation that everyone has had to go through, there's a sense of upliftment knowing that some teams became closer. 

"Management experts say that while it's important for employees to feel connected, the quality of managers, pay, and whether people actually feel listened to are much more likely to determine company culture." (Business Insider

It is a holistic experience but we are choosing to take the good from it. 

And you know what? 

The pandemic did that - brought us closer together. Perhaps that is one of the silver linings from it and it's a great lesson for all of us; no matter what we go through, there is something good in it, you just have to find it. 

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