Comedian shares hilarious list of demands for his family should he slip into a coma

Comedian shares hilarious list of demands for his family should he slip into a coma

The list includes some hilarious demands those close to him need to follow – and the comedian doesn’t hold back.

Paul Black

Meet Paul Black. Paul is a comedian from Scotland who is known for his hilarious antics online. But, it’s his latest video that has tongues wagging as he shares a long and detailed list of rules his family needs to follow should he ever slip into a coma.

The comedian, who shared the video onto his TikTok page, has drafted up a rather detailed list he’d like to happen while he’s comatose and includes instructions on everything from his grooming requirements to food and pop culture news.

"Ok here are some rules to follow if I'm ever in a coma,” Paul says in the video. “First of all I need a skin fade once a week, I don't want anything that closely resembles sideburns or any unsightly growth - I've not got the facial structure for it."

He then asks for a weekly dose of pop culture news from a “trusted source”. He says: "If Rihanna drops an album or Meghan Markle gets assassinated, I need to know. Even if I can't hear you, my body will know, it will sense it."

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He goes on to ask for anyone who has ever wronged him to come to the hospital and apologise in person, while also instructing his family to hire a social media manager to keep up his online persona.

Some other requests include personalised messages from pop stars wishing him well, using his comatose body in TikTok trends, and under no circumstance to feed him so that he can take advantage of his opportunity to lose some weight.

Since he won’t be able to work while in a coma, Paul has also asked his family to set up a GoFundMe page "to make sure I've got money to buy new clothes for my skinny body and my various media interviews when I'm out of the coma."

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Hundreds of people have commented on the video saying that they find this entire list hilarious.

"I am creased. Outstanding content,” one person commented. Another added: “I'm a COVIDICU nurse and I am DYING over the 'pop culture update' OMG." A third added: "Writing this down to tell my friends and family what must be done." 

Image courtesy: TikTok

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