#ClaimToFame: “Newcastle has the best fish and chips”

#ClaimToFame: “Newcastle has the best fish and chips”

Carol Ofori is looking to hear what you think is the best part of living in Newcastle...


When Carol Ofori made her return to East Coast Radio, she packed up her life in Johannesburg and brought her husband and children to live in KZN. Since moving to the province a few months ago, Carol continues to be amazed by everything the province has to offer. With her new segment titled, ‘Claim To Fame’, she wants to hear from you why you love the town you live in.

Every first Friday of the month, Carol will highlight a popular city or town within KZN and will call on listeners to share their town’s claim to fame.

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Newcastle is in the spotlight this week as Carol discovers some hidden gems in the third biggest city in the province.

Today, around 383,000 people live in Newcastle. With vast agriculture, breathtaking scenery, a rich history, and booming enterprise, it’s easy to understand why so many around the country have fallen in love with Newcastle.

“The best places in the town include the Black Rock Casino and Jumanji Swift Racing. They’re both in the same area so while the parents gamble, the kiddies can enjoy themselves,” one listener shares with Carol.

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The town also claims to have some of the best fish and chips in the country. “Porto’s Fish And Chips is amazing – it’s finger licking good!” one listener tells Carol. Another confirms the rumours, saying: “Everybody loves Porto’s! Whenever my family from all around the country come to visit, all they want is Porto’s Fish And Chips. They’ve got the best fish and chips in the country.” 

Listeners add that the weather in Newcastle is another element that makes the town so special. “It’s not humid in Newcastle at all. You can expect dry hot hot summers and cold cold winters.”

Do you live in Newcastle? Share your favourite thing about your town with Carol in the comments section below. Not from there? This is why you need to visit the popular city:

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