Carol Ofori: "As South Africans, we love to dance!"

Carol Ofori: "As South Africans, we love to dance!"

"We love to dance and we have Ubuntu," were just some of the things she said. 

Carol Ofori dressed in Silomo dress posing by a tree
Carol Ofori dressed in Silomo dress posing by a tree/Supplied

Happy 'day after' Heritage Day! 

Today, we wanted to take some time out to remember what connects us as a country, as a nation, and as a community of people. 

And we thought what better way than to ask Carol Ofori what she believes connects us as South Africans this Heritage Day. 

South Africans love to dance

"There's one thing my husband laughs at, South Africans love to dance. Put on a song, whether you have rhythm or you don't have rhythm, a South African will dance."

Food. We love food

Carol shared that the main food that connects South Africans is a braai.

We also connect around sports

"When our national teams are doing well in whatever space it is, we come through. Case in point, Banyana Banyana, when Bafana Bafana were winners, and, of course, The Bokke." 

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Our spirit of giving

"We have Ubuntu as South Africans, you see this in crises when there's a flood or a disaster, South Africans are giving. This is why Gift of the Givers was created because South Africans want to give, they want to help. So, we are a very giving nation." 

We connect with our national identity

"I don't know a South African who doesn't love our flag. We love our flag, it's our national identity and we are proud of our flag. And it's so distinct, if there are flags all over on a wall, ours stands out."


Carol laughed as she shared that we are connected by loadshedding. "We are all frustrated by the same things, we have a sense of humour even though loadshedding is there. We know how to have a good laugh and laugh at ourselves."

All in all, we are connected by our spirit regardless of the colour of our skin, our accents, or our religion. 

Happy Heritage Day to our fellow South Africans, may we always remain true to our South African nature and stand united in the spirit of Ubuntu. 

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