Carol Ofori: "I'm just very proud right now to be South African"

Carol Ofori: "I'm just very proud right now to be South African"

This win makes all of us champions...

Carol Ofori and her daughter kitted out with Springbok gear
Carol Ofori and her daughter kitted out with Springbok gear/Carol Ofori

As we rise from an eventful and adrenaline-filled weekend, it is safe to say that many of us were hoping for a public holiday. 

But even without that, we are still beaming with pride over the win from our boys during the Rugby World Cup final this past Saturday. 

Game night came with its fair share of anxiety considering how the semi-final went down. 

We asked Carol Ofori what happened during game night. After showing off her hair before the game, we were not certain things were going to go as planned. 

But, as usual, our Daytime Queen was able to bring some humour into the pre-game festivities. 

She shared a video on her TikTok showing us pre-game moods:

@carolofori Wish me luck! The rugby has not even startwd yet! Im a mess 🤣🤣🤣 #MomLife #MomDiaries #Mom #Rugby ♬ original sound - Carol Ofori

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Her kids, who promised they would watch with her, fell asleep at 20h30 and so, it was just her and the nanny who watched right up till the end. 

She was amused at our President and how he lived up to carrying the cup. Carol left us with the below as a sum up of her feelings around the Springboks' win this weekend. 

And in the spirit of ending things on a high note, here is the video that Rory Petzer shared that made us want to follow the rules. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@rorypetzer A message for Springbok fans plus some great news from @discoveryvitality! #LiveLifewithVitality #RWC23 #fyp #rwc2023 ♬ Documentary A moment of tension(871019) - RK Sound
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Image Courtesy of Carol Ofori

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