TikToker loses her car after missing her car payments

TikToker loses her car after missing her car payments

Surprisingly the TikTok community told her not to lose hope. 

A car being lifted by a tow truck
A car being lifted by a tow truck/TikTok Screenshot/@potso_wabokarabo


It's never easy to witness your progress in life fall away. But sometimes life offers us lemons when all we want is lemonade. 

There's always a bigger picture to what you are going through, it's all about being able to decipher the hidden message and make things work. 

A woman who had to learn the hard way that taking out a car was a bigger responsibility than she anticipated is being celebrated on TikTok

She posted a video showing her car being lifted onto a tow truck; we assume it has been repossessed due to missed payments. 

And it was her post coupled with the sad music that got us feeling for her. She wrote: "You were a bad financial decision, but i loved you, still do. I love you❤️" (TikTok)

Now to some it may seem a bit over the top, but getting your first car is a big deal. And not being able to pay for it - and consequently losing it, can be a huge damper to one's spirits. 

Surprisingly, people came through for her on the post, encouraging her to get out of her financial slump. 

Some even shared her sentiment, saying that they don't know how to get by with all their expenses. 

You see, in our opinion, this is something that we all should be taught at a primary level, managing our finances. Being able to make smart choices with our money is what is lacking in our community. 

Nevertheless, we are happy that the community of TikTok came together to encourage her. If you are interested in learning some important tips and advice about money, listen to The Hustle with Justin Harrison

Check out her video of her car being taken away below, courtesy of TikTok


You were a bad financial decision, but i loved you,still do. I love you❤️

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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