Baby bitten on the face by dog!

Baby bitten on the face by dog!

A baby was bitten by a dog in Kettering, Northamptonshire, and was rushed to hospital for medical attention. 

Dog bites baby in the face!

Not much information has been revealed regarding the incident but according to online sources, the police arrived on the scene to find that a dog attacked a baby and bit the child on the face. 

For many people, this is a difficult thing to comprehend as we know dogs to be protective animals and more so when it comes to babies. So, when something like this happens, we have to wonder, what prompted this? 

A 27-year old man has been arrested in relation to the incident and consequently released pending investigation. The dog has been taken away from the owner, as a precautionary measure, and since this was an isolated incident, an investigation is warranted. 

We hope that the baby recovers soon but we also hope that the dog is treated with some fairness and given the benefit of the doubt. 

Upon first glance, it can be easy to judge the situation, but we don't know what really happened and we hope that some sort of resolution is sought out for the benefit of the baby's family and the dog (who cannot speak up for himself). 

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