Australian chef bans vegans from his restaurant

Australian chef bans vegans from his restaurant

The notice went out saying that the ban was for mental health reasons. 

A chef wearing an apron and smiling
A chef wearing an apron and smiling/Facebook/@thestaffcanteen

We have seen chefs embrace a variety of challenges when it comes to cooking with vegetables. 

But there are those purists who cannot make the vegetable the star of a dish. Call them hard-headed, but the reality of it all is that everyone is entitled to their own way of living. 

And one person that has gone viral for banning vegans from his restaurant is Chef John Mountain. 

The seasoned professional and celebrity chef owns the popular restaurant, FYRE, located in Perth, Australia. 

After what has been described as an intense incident, Chef John decided that vegans were no longer welcome at FYRE. We can understand that someone leaving you a negative review is anything but fun, but isn't that the name of the game? 

Check out Chef John's post on Facebook to announce his ban. This definitely created a stir with meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike:

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The story was a bit more complex than just a bad review. Interestingly, Chef John's spicy yet candid explanation said a lot about his decorum as an individual and a business owner. 

One thing is for certain, he is one passionate man, and we kind of love his straightforwardness. 

Check out his interview with the news station The Project TV. Courtesy of Twitter:

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