Are men more biologically prone to cheat than women?

Are men more biologically prone to cheat than women?

"If you ask what percentage of men cheat and what percentage of women cheat, it’s not surprising that men are seven percent more likely to cheat than women are" -

Black guy talking with lover while his partner sleeps next to him
Black guy talking with lover while his partner sleeps next to him/iStock/Prostock-Studio

Given that we are all still high on love after celebrating Valentine's Day, it comes as a huge reality check that there are people out there who are willing to forgive infidelity.

Of course, forgiveness is always encouraged and is subjective, but what if the act of infidelity is blamed on biology? 

A video that started this conversation piqued Carol Ofori's interest and we decided to chat more about it. Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram

This woman's ideology may be twisted in some sense, but it is her's nonetheless. 

We can understand why her line of thinking got under people's skin. One year ago, Discreet Investigations in Canada released Infidelity statistics, paying specific attention to whether men or women cheat more.

They reminded everyone that infidelity statistics can never be completely accurate as there is a limited number of people who are surveyed. In addition, the people surveyed do not represent the view of everyone. 

"According to the General Social Survey, men are more likely to cheat than women, with 20% of men and 13% of women reporting having sex with someone other than their partner while still married." (Discreet Investigations)

What was even more interesting to note was that the gender gap differed according to age. 

"From the same survey, data from married adults ages 18 to 29 says that more women are guilty of infidelity, with 11% of the women from the surveyed group admitting to having an affair. In comparison, only 10% of men from the age group are guilty. But the gap reverses as it jumps into the next age group." (Discreet Investigations)

The age group 30-39 years showed an increase in infidelity in men. What's more surprising is that as the age of men increases, the likelihood of cheating increases. 

It is small-minded to think that only men cheat, not to mention the reasons behind cheating vary

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