#AppreciationMonday: Man receives special birthday letter from his young neighbour

#AppreciationMonday: Man receives special birthday letter from his young neighbour

What a beautifully written happy birthday letter...

A handwritten birthday letter
A handwritten birthday letter/Twitter/@MvulaKunengwa

Birthdays are definitely special regardless of your age, at least that's what we believe. 

But sometimes it's not always about the flashy ways to show someone that you love them, but the sentimental moments. 

That's for sure what happened with this man. He shared the sweetest handwritten birthday letter he received for his birthday. 

This is what he shared about his neighbour's kid, who considers him a father figure. 

It is anything but easy to grow up without a parent, so when kids find someone who they can look up to in a positive way, they want to hold onto that. 

And for this boy, it was about sharing love for a father figure in his life. 

Which is why young Zengani wrote this sweet Happy Birthday letter for his neighbour, Uncle Kune. 

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The letter read: 

"Happy birthday Uncle Kune

Happy birthday Uncle Kune thank you for everything you have done for me, and am sorry for every bad thing that I have done. Thank you for being the best dad in the world I love you so much. May god bless you with more years to live. 

Love Zengani"

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