#AppreciationMonday: Lupus sufferer calls for compassion and understanding

#AppreciationMonday: Lupus sufferer calls for compassion and understanding

Prishanta Sewpaul shares some insight into living with Lupus...

Young Indian woman wearing a saree
Young Indian woman wearing a saree/Supplied

We recently came across a video on TikTok of a young woman who suffers from Lupus and who received some unkindness online. 

So we reached out to her to find out what message she would have for everyone out there when using social media. 

Prishanta Sewpaul, who recently graduated with her Masters Degree in Psychology, is originally from Dundee (northern KZN) and now resides in Durban. 

After being diagnosed with Lupus two years ago, it has been something of a rollercoaster of a journey. 

With an intention to raise awareness around Lupus, she started her TikTok account. But it seems even through illness, you will find people who spread hate and cynicism. 

After being admitted to hospital recently with the infectious disease Sepsis, a woman commented on one of her live videos saying that she looks completely fine. 

It was at this point that Prishanta decided to speak up about her condition more. 

Check out the video that caught our attention below. Courtesy of TikTok

@prishantas Reply to @simonabaghrathie1 👀❤️#prishanta #teamPrish #icu #lupuswarrior #autoimmunedisease #lupus ♬ original sound - Prishanta Sewpaul

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Prishanta shared some insight into living with Lupus with us. 

She also shared some inspiring words with us when it comes to dealing with anyone in life. 

The truth is we agree with her sentiment, just because someone looks 'okay' it doesn't mean they are...

So this Appreciation Monday, remember to be kind with others and with yourself. 

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Image Supplied by Prishanta Sewpaul

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