#AppreciationMonday: Cute KZN boy says he's leaving home after mum irritates him

#AppreciationMonday: Cute KZN boy says he's leaving home after mum irritates him

"Come out from my way, I'm leaving..."

Little boy holding a bag
Little boy holding a bag/TikTok Screenshot/@rohwida

What kind of life would it be if we were all the same? 

Without all the bells and whistles with our over-the-top personalities and characteristics. 

In a video we found on TikTok, we witnessed a mother who was intentionally irritating her son to the point where he packed his bag to leave home...

When we saw the video, we found it both entertaining and cute, considering she was still revving him up whilst he attempted to leave home. 

Now, when your kids reach a certain age, they do have moments where they take things way too seriously. 

We cannot say we blame them, most of the time as adults we too get caught up and take things too seriously.

We caught up with mom, Rohwida Nazeer, to find out what happened and to share a little about her son, Muhammad Ruais Nazeer. 

This is what she had to say...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok


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Her honesty is welcomed and something that we rarely hear from many parents. 

She went on to share that because she refused to let him go play in the park, it resulted in him saying he wants to leave home. 

Dealing with this five-year-old's episodes are somewhat of a daily occurrence for her, but she said that as much as he may be "dramatic", he is a sensitive child, with such great potential. 

His teacher at school also mentioned that he is a leader, who is super intelligent. 

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Rohwida did not expect the video to blow up the way it did. After all of this, she told him that she was sad because he wants to leave her...

And a true indicator of his sensitivity was when he retracted and told her that he wouldn't leave her and went on to help with washing the dishes as a way of showing mom that he was sorry for getting angry. 

Certainly a beautiful story to start our week off on a happy note. 

Here's to appreciating our children amidst all the things they have to go through in growing up and being as supportive as we can be...

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