Amazon's Alexa can mimic any voice you desire as your virtual assistant?!

Amazon Alexa can mimic any voice you desire as your virtual assistant?!

Would you be keen to try this out with your Alexa?

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Is it weird to imagine a life without technology, a time before smart phones and virtual assistants?

What if that same technology could be the reason for you to hear a loved one's voice, a loved one that is no more?

Would that be eery or a warm welcome?

Amazon's Alexa is onto something with that, and we are not sure how to feel about...

"The company announced on Wednesday during its annual re:MARS conference, which focuses on artificial intelligence innovation, that it's working on an update to its Alexa system that would allow the technology to mimic any voice, even a deceased family member." (CNN)

To many, this might seem unnecessary, but it could be a welcomed form of communication from a loved one who is no more. 

It was interesting to hear the controversial viewpoints of the hosts of the 'CBS Mornings' show. 

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube

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"Rohit Prasad, an Amazon senior vice president, said the updated system will be able to collect enough voice data from less than a minute of audio to make personalization like this possible, rather than having someone spend hours in a recording studio like how it's done in the past." (CNN)

It certainly sounds innovative and if anything an option for some to feel the presence of love in a home, perhaps even motivation. 

Imagine hearing the voice of your mentor speaking to you daily, or your mom or dad or child, when you are away from home? It could have positive results, especially considering what many people have had to go through during the lockdowns in the past. 

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