Nay Maps finds a date on #TheBreakfastHookUp

Nay Maps finds a date on #TheBreakfastHookUp

After weeks of anticipation this morning on East Coast Breakfast Nay Maps, from Uzalo fame, selected Kimone Harilall from Phoenix to go on a date with him as part of #TheBreakfastHookUp. 

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This follows on from the eligible bachelor opening up on East Coast Breakfast at the beginning of September about looking for love.

Nay even went as far as to suggest that he give one listener the opportunity to go on a date with him in his quest for finding love. What followed was the #TheBreakfastHookUp where hundreds of women from across KZN sent voice notes, videos and wrote poems to Nay, one of South Africa’s most loved actors with the hopes of going on a date with him.

Nay says it was extremely hard to choose the lady he’d be going out with after meeting the three finalists in person live on air today. Nay who had to eventually choose between Samke Marhwa and Kimone Harillal was feeling the pressure, “I don’t even want to look at them in the eyes… oh no what did I get myself into?” He then asked Darren Maule if he could take both ladies on the date.

But it was 21 year old Kimone Harilall that ultimately grabbed Nay’s attention. Nay and Kimone will be going for an intimate dinner to Big Easy Winebar & Grill Durban by Ernie Els at The Hilton Hotel. Kimone couldn’t be more excited about winning the date with a celebrity, “I am so excited right now, I could just jump. I can’t believe he chose me.”

So, will the East Coast Breakfast team be hooking listeners up with any other celebs in future? Darren and his team have enjoyed playing cupid so much, that we wouldn’t be surprised. Tune in to East Coast Breakfast every weekday between 6am and 9am to find out.

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