More than 2000 lives saved with the Darren Maule Blood Drive

More than 2000 lives saved with the Darren Maule Blood Drive

On 22 November 2019, East Coast Radio’s Darren Maule, SANBS and Netcare Umhlanga hosted a successful blood drive saving more than 2000 lives. 

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It is no secret that South Africa lacks a sufficient supply of blood. Unfortunately, less than 1% of South African citizens are active blood donors. According to the SANBS, a unit of blood lasts only 42 days that is why it is vital for donors to donate blood regularly throughout the year.

The Darren Maule Blood drive, started in wee hours of the morning where Darren, Keri and Sky of East Coast Breakfast broadcasted their show live from outside of the Netcare Umhlanga Hospital.


Listeners and members of the public were encouraged to go down and donate blood from 7am till 7pm where the team at SANBS together with Darren Maule, collectively decided to reach a target of 300 units of blood.


However, KZN showed up and showed off what the real meaning of Ubuntu is! At 20:15pm the last unit of blood was drawn, and a staggering 626 units of blood was collected.


Of the success, Darren Maule said, “Wow, I couldn’t be prouder of KZN. We set out to collect 300 units and we completely smashed that goal, doubling what we set out to achieve. Thank you to all our sponsors that came on board and made saving a life a heroic experience. We can safely say we have saved 2000 lives by just doing a single act of selflessness. So, to everyone, starting with Konrad Jones who was the first person to donate blood on Friday morning, to Ajay Haripersadh who was the 626th person to donated blood on Friday night, Thank You KZN!”


To donate blood and save a life today, visit 

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