Long-time Durban lovers renew their wedding vows on radio

Long-time Durban lovers renew their wedding vows on radio

On a day synonymous with love, Jane Linley-Thomas and East Coast Radio have helped pensioners Peter Asher, 91 and his wife Josephine, 101, celebrate their everlasting love 68 years after their wedding day. 

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The couple who live together at the Tafta home in Morningside renewed their vows on-air during her show today.

Peter Asher first met Josephine at a club in London, England and after only dating for three months the two lovebirds got married and have been together since, for the past 68 years. East Coast Radio’s Jane Linley-Thomas says she first heard about Peter and Jo’s love story when she made contact with Tafta and wanted to meet the pair.

Jane quips, “It only takes one look at Peter and Jo to realise that love is the strongest form of communication! I just love these two and love their story so much I asked them to broadcast their story on my show. One thing lead to another and before I knew it we were plotting and planning an entire wedding.”

To complete the fairytale surprise Jane and her producer, Simon Carter met in secret and contacted potential sponsors. Jane says, “Without the assistance of the sponsors that came on board when I pitched the idea to them, none of this would have happened! I have to thank them for giving up their time and their money to make this such a special day and one of the highlights of my radio career.”

Tafta CEO Femada Shamam says, “On the occasion of Tafta’s 60th anniversary year, we feel so blessed to have the Ashers commemorate this very special event with us. Their enduring love story is such a testament to the fact that when we put in the dedication and hard work to make something work, it will most definitely be a resounding success, much like the Tafta story too. We wish the Ashers well on their continued journey together and much happiness in their Tafta home for many years to come.”

Peter and Jo Asher have been overwhelmed with the love and support from Tafta and East Coast Radio. To have their vow renewal broadcast to the whole of KwaZulu-Natal is a new memory to add to their long and successful lives together.

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