Industry leaders inspire attendees to be #Limitless at sold-out FNB Business Women’s Breakfast

Industry leaders inspire attendees to be #Limitless at sold-out FNB Business Women’s Breakfast

800 attendees were inspired to be #Limitless at the FNB Business Women’s Breakfast held in association with East Coast Radio on Tuesday, 13 August 2019 at the Durban ICC.

Wrenelle Stander, Ipeleng Mkhari, Minnie Dlamini, Mzamo Masito, Boni Mchunu and Nicola Tyler.
Wrenelle Stander, Ipeleng Mkhari, Minnie Dlamini, Mzamo Masito, Boni Mchunu and Nicola Tyler.

The inspiring and power-packed line-up saw two of South Africa’s business leaders as keynote speakers and two industry movers and shakers, head up a panel discussion.

Anticipation filled the ballroom when the Chief Operating Executive at Google Africa took to the podium. The dynamic speaker and businessman shared pivotal moments in his life that contributed to him being limitless in his field.

“One of the most important lessons that I’ve learned is that good, deep, meaningful relationships keep us healthier and happier, we need to nurture them before we need them. Don’t chase money, chase happiness,” said Masito.

Being the first female to step into the role of Executive in charge of Comair’s Airline Division, the room exuded excitement as Wrenelle began to share her story and the challenges she faced as a woman in an industry dominated by the male gender and the limits, she pushed to become so limitless.

“Many people think that as a woman you have to adopt a tough exterior however, I think it is imperative to remain calm. You need to have grit, be resilient and pat yourself on the back and don’t get embarrassed easily. My advice would be to work longer and harder, outwork all the men,” said Stander.

Attendees were afforded the opportunity to ask industry-related questions to two women who have really taken the business arena by storm with their formidable achievements and ground-breaking innovations.

Minnie Dlamini who has recently launched MD Beauty shared her tips and tricks on how to stay ahead of the game and how to find that balance between one’s private life and public life. 

“When I’m off the clock, I’m goofy and completely myself. When I’m at work, I’m at work and I’m my professional self but I try and blur the lines between the two to stay relatable. My advice would be to control your narrative. Take elements of who you really are into your business space because that will set you apart,” said Dlamini.

Ipeleng Mkhari the founder and CEO of Motseng Investment Holdings shared how she got into the business arena that led her to be named one of CEO Magazine’s Most Influential women in business.

“I was 23 years old when I started my business. I didn’t have a mentor. I saw a gap and I decided to take the leap of faith. Women are emotional, not soft, we understand our emotions. When I understood the power of my mind and combined that with my emotional understanding that made me grow to love myself, intently and intensely which allows me to love others. That allows me to look beyond my limits,” said Mkhari.

First National Bank (FNB) were the sponsors for the event where Mandisa Ndlovu, the KZN Segment Head for FNB Business highlighted how the Bank had made it a focus to continuously invest in platforms that drive an equal footing for women and enable innovative and ground-breaking female-run businesses to come to the fore. “This is the reason we continue to sponsor this breakfast, four years running, and look forward to building further on this relationship,” expressed Mandisa.

East Coast Radio’s General Manager, Boni Mchunu said, “This morning was absolutely insightful. The knowledge that was imparted is immeasurable. What an honour it was to share the morning in the company of great business minds and women and what a pleasure to learn from them too. It makes me proud to see so many women in one room being uplifted by the limitless stories of others.”

The FNB Business Women’s Breakfast hashtag and theme for this year #Limitless really drove home the message of breaking through the glass ceiling. 

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