WiP WiP (Whoop whoop)!

WiP WiP (Whoop whoop)!

“All women need to know this,” and, “I’m ready to kick crime in the butt,” are just some of the responses from the women who attended the Women IN Powered course in Ballito at the weekend.


While sitting in that room at SMD Group Ballito on Saturday morning, I thought, “Would I really be able to use my body to defend myself?” Another women said to me, “I don’t know if I’m physically strong enough for this.” 

I have to admit I was a little nervous before our Women IN Powered course. We didn’t know what to expect.  

I’d gone with my cousin and Tanya from work and while we were very eager to go, we were worried about failing at the end. We were told that we would learn about what we needed to do in a situation where we felt threatened. We were also told we were going to be taught how to use our bodies to defend ourselves. 

I was doubtful. I mean I have no upper body strength. The muscles in my arms are as soft as scatter cushions. There was no way I could do this!

These were the thoughts running through my mind before the course. However, things started to change after Mark Grobbelaar began speaking to us. He broke things down for us and enforced that one thing that we all seemed to have forgotten: we all have a choice. No one has the right to force us into a life-threatening situation.

We have the power over our bodies and our lives. No one, absolutely no one can take that away from us and we won’t let them!

Watch the video below to see what our new Women IN Powered ambassadors learnt:

Here are some of the kick ass behind-the-scene pics:

For more details on this awesome Woman IN Powered workshop click here

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