Dentist removes maggots from a child's mouth

Dentist removes maggots from a child's mouth

Tired of telling your children to brush their teeth? Need a good reason to floss? We found the video that will change our brushing habits. *WARNING* Not for sensitive viewers.


We found this hellishly disturbing video of a 10-year-old girl having over a dozen maggots removed from her gum.

Disgusting, right? Well wait until you watch the video...

The girl told her folks that she was feeling  a ‘tingling’ sensation in her mouth...

But the way she handles the operation... wow. She doesn't even flinch!e.

A spokesperson for the dentist wanted to send a warning out to those who could also be infected and their reasoning for filming the procedure: "There were 15 maggots in her mouth so we videoed the removal for our records as it is a rare occurrence. We also wanted to show the girl’s family what had happened and warn others."

We don’t know how she did it. It looks really painful..

Watch with caution:


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