Why is it so hard to see black and blue?

Why is it so hard to see black and blue?

#TheDress that divided the Internet two weeks ago is back - this time for a good cause in the form of a brilliant ad from the Salvation Army.


I am always so alarmed at the influx of calls in studio whenever the mention of domestic abuse comes up. 

One particular call that will forever haunt me was a kid that phoned in and said he went to bed nightly to the sound of his mom being beaten up. 

He went on to say it would start with screams and end in sobbing. Can you even imagine this trauma every night? 

In the morning his bruised mom would skulk around pretending nothing had happened. 

In this advert the Salvation Army turns the famous black and blue vs. white and gold dress debate on its head, asking why it is literally so hard for us to see black and blue -  to acknowledge the reality of domestic abuse. 

In their words, the only illusion is if you think this was her choice. The ad also carries the logo of Carehaven – a home for abused women and children. 

The ad was published on Twitter and in a Cape Town newspaper on Friday – and has since gone viral, getting attention from media around the world.  



Such a powerful creative concept! 

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