What Colour is THE Dress?

What Colour is THE Dress?

There’s a lot of debate going around on social media right now, and we need to settle it. What colour do you think this dress is?


Tumblr user 'swiked' uploaded this image of a dress, and now a major debate has erupted worldwide about the colour of the dress.

We asked East Coast Breakfast what they think the colour of this dress is, and this is what they had to say:

Natarah: White and Gold

Darren: Sunset Fawn and Egg shell white 

Sky: Blue and Black

Gabriel: Grey and Gold 

Kevlar Kev: Blue and Black 

George: White and Gold 

MiC: White and Gold 

Tanya: White and Gold 

Here is THE dress causing major debate:

the dress

What colour dress do you see?

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