VIDEO: Sweet revenge in a parking lot

VIDEO: Sweet revenge in a parking lot

It's happened to us all, and if we're honest, perhaps some of us are guilty of it too. You get ready to reverse into a parking space and, all of a sudden, a car speeds into it. What this woman does is priceless.


When you're circling and circling for a parking space at a busy shopping centre, and finally spot one, the last thing you need is someone else grabbing it before you do.

As you'll see in this video, a woman is slowly backing up to park, when another motorist decides to go for the steal.

Instead of moving on or using violence, the woman backs up perfectly beside him, and blocks boths cars in.

Just as you think neither of them are able to get out of their cars, the woman who originally 'booked' the parking space has a brilliant trick up her sleeve. 

She gets away with the best parking revenge ever!

The Drive Team would like to know what really irritates you? It doesn't even have to relate to driving or traffic. Anything that, when someone does it, you need to actually speak to yourself to prevent becoming too angry!

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