VIDEO: Student discovers she's a sleep-eater

VIDEO: Student discovers she's a sleep-eater

If you listened to yesterday's edition of Trust the Team on The Drive, you would have learned that Rory is a self-confessed, habitual midnight snacker. Well, he's done some research and he's definitely not alone!


20-year-old Kate Archibald wakes up during the night, sleep-walks into the kitchen, and scoffs whatever she can find.

She can never remember any of it, but says, "The weirdest thing I've ever eaten in a night is an entire wheel of cheddar cheese."

Kate says she couldn't understand why she was putting on so much weight, until she discovered she had a hidden medical disorder, sleep eating.

She has been diagnosed with Nocturnal Eating Disorder.

It is reportedly a rare side effect of ADHD medication that means her body craves sustenance in the middle of the night.

Kate says, "I used to get in massive rows with my flatmates about all this food that was going missing - I was adamant I hadn't eaten anything. It was only when I woke up one morning surrounded by chocolate bar wrappers that I realised I must have been sleep-eating."

Do you have a similar condition or know someone who does? 

Or, like Rory, do you just wake up in the middle of the night feeling a little peckish, and consciously munch whatever you can find?

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Here is Kate's story.


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